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This Trailer Can Haul a Red Wood

IMG_20140503_124331694_HDRIf you have a huge tree removal wichita ks job that leaves no idea how you are going to move that gigantic mess the trees has caused. With no way to clean up all the branches and limbs and pieces of your house laying all around your land. You need to get the best trailers made like the ones from aurora trailer manufacturers. These trailers can haul any size job, they can handle the biggest tree trimming wichita ks job theres is around. The best trailers in the world are used by the hardest working part of our society. I am not talking about just working at a job, i am talking about working and playing and the work it takes to lay with the big boys. Get on the bus and go out and trim your trees yourself until you are blue in the face and have to go out and take your toys to the dirt. Use your huge trailer and make sure you keep the owner’s manual handy so you know how to work that brand new trailer you just bought.  And if you are too tired you can call the pros at wichita tree service to come to the landscape work for you. This way you will have more tie to do the kind of things you like to do and you can use that nice trailer that has your sand car and dirt bikes on it sitting on the side of the house collecting dust.

Now the basics of any good summer are to first buy a new trailer. Secound to take care of the jobs you have around the house that have been dogging you for a year now. Get your group of friends and handle that old tree removal wichita and make sure you are ready for the tornadoes that are going to hit over the next couple of days. i was watching the news and saw the bad weather heading your way and wanted to warn you so you are not caught off guard. You will need to put away the summer toys and get your trailer ready to go so you can get out of the day of the category five twister that is probably heading your way right now.

Sicilian Carpet Cleaning in Wichita

carpet-cleaning-wichitaOkay, I’m not very good at this blogging thing but I did want to take some time today to talk to everyone about how carpet cleaning can make your house / apartment (what have you) a WHOLE lot better when you move out. I really like the word Sicilian, but unfortunately it really has nothing to do with this post lol. So, ingeniously, I’ve planted my favorite word IN CONTEXT. Let me bounce back over to carpet cleaning in Wichita for a slamming second because I was able to find these guys who really hooked me up and helped us out :). Find out for yourself: carpet cleaning Wichita, KS.

Funny thing is, their name is Wichita Carpet Cleaners so although I put it in the opposite format, just know that you will be able to find them just the same by switching it around. It’s tough to find good carpet cleaners and posting this here will help you find them. Be a good neighbor and help everyone find what they’re looking for.

I’m so tired right now, it’s been a long weekend of hanging out with friends and partying. . . or something like that (at least what’s left of partying at my age). Ugh, I’m getting old and it really sucks. Sometimes I think it’s just better to sit at home and watch Californication on Netflix for days. And I think I will continue doing just that so that I don’t need to hire Wichita Carpet Cleaners as often to come clean the messed up rugs and carpet after one of those screaming ragers.

Goes a little something like this:

  • Awesome times
  • BBQ’s in the summer
  • Destroying houses (and pumpkins around the holidays)
  • Getting together with girls
  • Getting together with guys
  • The last two again
  • Good food and good times

Yep, that’s life in a nut shell but it’s complicated. Getting married and stuff can make it really tough I’ve heard. Then you can have kids who squeeze juice and milk all in the carpets requiring even more cleaners. I am so tired of dealing with the cleaners. Got to run but make sure you stay local always!

How Coca Cola is Affecting our youth

Many are unaware of a growing epidemic that is the cause for one-fifth of deaths globally.  It is also one of the most preventable forms of death worldwide.  Some may think it is drugs, violence or even shark attacks, but no –it is the growing problem of obesity.   Do to the lack of awareness, exercise programs, and forms of prevention, it has fallen through the cracks of man and been allowed to plague the existence of humanity.

Before touching upon obesity, there are a few things that should be known about the disease.  Obesity and overweight are often used together and commonly confused.  Obesity is the occurrence where an individual has an excess amount of body fat whereas being overweight means that one has excess body weight resulting from higher content of muscle, bone, fat, or even body water.  The problem of being overweight can eventually lead to obesity which can cause cardiovascular problems and other life-threatening medical health problems, such as diabetes, that will be discussed further in this paper.

The body mass index rate (BMI)  is the global measurement for obesity.  It is taken by the person’s weight in kilograms and divided by height in meters squared.  If a man’s body fat, or BMI, is greater than 25%, then the man is considered to be obese. If a woman’s BMI is greater than 30%, they are considered the same.

Obesity is a global problem because it is affecting millions of people worldwide killing hundreds of thousands annually.  As shown, “in 2008, more than 1.4 billion adults, 20 and older, were overweight.  Of these, over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese…”  contributing to the growing problem of obesity as stated by ‘WHO Int., factsheet on obesity’.  That means that in 2008 alone over 500 million people were obese, and the number is still climbing.  Although obesity is a global problem, it is also a problem on the individual and group level at home, in the office and social places as well.